Neo Geo Pocket Color Release List

USA/North America

This is a complete list of all Neo Geo Pocket Color games specifically produced for distribution in the USA and North America.

Baseball Stars [Color] * NEOP00251
Biomotor Unitron NEOP00101
Bust-A-Move Pocket NEOP00201
Card Fighters Clash: SNK vs. Capcom - Capcom Version NEOP00681
Card Fighters Clash: SNK vs. Capcom - SNK Version NEOP00671
Crush Roller NEOP00381
Dark Arms: Beast Buster 1999 NEOP00451
Dive Alert Becky's Version NEOP00891
Dive Alert Matt's Version NEOP00881
Faselei! NEOP00901
Fatal Fury First Contact NEOP00111
Gals Fighters NEOP00931
King of Fighters R-2 NEOP00231
Last Blade, The: Beyond the Destiny NEOP00951
Magical Drop Pocket NEOP00581
Match of the Millenium, The: SNK vs. Capcom NEOP00691
Metal Slug 1st Mission NEOP00211
Metal Slug 2nd Mission NEOP00611
Neo 21 NEOP00701
Neo Cherry Master Color NEOP00241
Neo Dragon's Wild NEOP00151
Neo Geo Cup '98 Plus Color NEOP00391
Neo Mystery Bonus NEOP00161
Neo Turf Masters NEOP00351
Pac-Man NEOP00551
Pocket Tennis Color NEOP00281
Puyo Pop NEOP00411
Puzzle Link NEOP00291
Puzzle Link 2 NEOP00761
Samurai Shodown! 2 NEOP00301
Shanghai Mini NEOP00401
Sonic the Hedgehog Pocket Adventure NEOP00591

* “Baseball Stars” was released as “Baseball Stars Color” in all other regions

† Faselei! and The Last Blade were not distributed with boxes and manuals


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